Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rough Sketches for Cupcake Logo

I am working on creating a cupcake logo for an up and coming bakery.
Not sure of the feel I want to give the logo so first I'm trying nail down a style.
My first cupcake is a creamy playful cupcake.
This is a more full and plump cupcake.
I would add more fullness with color

More boxy cupcake design. More classical and fresh.

Fun, Tip-Top cupcake. I like the balance this one is portraying.

This is a modern cupcake.
I wanted to make one that was abstract.

This is my cartoon cupcake.
Fluffy and fun!


  1. would you mind if i used the fluffy and fun cupcake as a logo for a facebook online bakery. not really a business, just wanting to show off my cupcakes.

  2. Hi! I'd like to used the third pic as part of my cupcake shop logo. :)

  3. i hope you dont mind if used second image thanks..