Thursday, May 5, 2011

Made Some Jewelry Today

This is my first time making Jewelry and now I think i'm addicted!
It was very fun and creative.
My best friend Carolynne and I went to "Bead it" in Concord, NH
to create some jewelry.

Sparkles are my thing so I wanted to do a sparkly necklace and my favorite colors are pink and green.
So I wanted to incorporate that into my creation. I like to wear light shades of pink and green,
 so that it is not too over powering since they are compliments. 

I chose all clear refracting beads for my necklace.
Whatever you will wear it will reflect on to the beads.

Earrings, I just did the same colored beads and kept it simple.
I love the looped earring clasps.
They are really easy to take on and off and they won't fall of your ears and get lost.

I usually loop them together when i'm done wearing them, so that I can't loose them.