Thursday, April 21, 2011

Final Days at the Studio

Here are just some shots of my studio.
Only 6 more days of school left.
I wanted to take photos to remember this time in my life.

Here is some photos of me and my favorite baby in the world Tyler when he was born to inspire me
Above that is some inspirational modern art work 
To the left is Cheshire Cat I colored out of a coloring book
He's so funny, it keeps me smiling

This is my view behind me. 
I got my monkey digital painting and other notes and homework assignments hanging up.
I put up my A paper in art & meaning that I was pleasantly surprise to get! 
that really makes me happy =]

This is to the right of me. I have some of my painting resting.
I also have some of my first drafts of illustrated pages hung up that didn't make the cut.
I'm going to be really sad when I have to take all these things down.
Its going to bitter sweet. I've spent so much time here over the past year, I'm going to miss it
but i'll be moving on to bigger and better things!

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