Friday, April 1, 2011

More Editons to my Tasty Collection

My best friend Carolynne saw these cupcake toys at Toys-r-us yesterday and she picked them up for me
She so sweet!
People are noticing my addiction now haha
I don't know if thats a good or bad thing 

You can take the frosting of and switch them on to different cupcakes
So fun!

Cupcake Eraser
Carolynne gave these to me
What a sweet heart!
They split off in the to pieces 

This is a fancy birthday cake

Strawberry pie

Some sort of pastry

Ice cream cone notebook
I got this for a $1 at Michaels
They had a WHOLE section of cupcake stuff!
I was in heaven.

I saw this at Kohls and I almost died!
I don't plan on having kids for another couple years but when I do my baby WILL be wearing this
boy or girl haha
It was to cute not to buy!

The bib is my favorite
where would I find this again??

I plan on making Easter cupcakes with little robin's nest on them with mini painted eggs inside
I bought these at AC Moore 
They are cupcake holders shaped as flowers
This will really add to the the spring time feel of my Easter cupcakes

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