Friday, April 15, 2011

My Real Artist Statement

Here it is folks, my actually Artist Statement that will be hanging next to my paintings at my show. This expresses who I am as an artist and how and why I paint the way I do. Read it and I hope you enjoy!

Tasty Paintings
I love to teach children about art and this has affected my art style. I create happy paintings by using bright colors to excite your eyes and to spark memories of your childhood. I want to give you the opportunity to escape your mature life of stress and woes and be lost in a fantasy world made of sugary baked goods. My goal is to create images that are clear and vivid for a child to relate to.

In terms of technique, I apply large amounts of oil paints to create the texture in my desserts. Then I use toothpicks, plastic forks, popsicle sticks, and anything I can find to help me mold the texture I desire. A bright palette of rainbow hues enhances the playful quality in my style. My paintings are calorie free, and come without that feeling of regret you may experience after you indulge. 

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