Saturday, February 19, 2011

Artist Statement II

Second Attempt on Artist Statement. I added a little more and took out a couple of things
Artist Statement II
I have a happy life and because of my life I create happy paintings.  I use bright colors to excite the viewers’ eyes and to spark memories of their childhood days when everything was light and cheerful. My goals as an artist is to attract a viewer, bring them into my paintings, and have them escape their mature life. I want them to get caught up in my delicious colors, and live in a fantasy world made of sugary bake goods and looking at my paintings you will not gain a pound.
I love to teach children art. This joy of mine has affected my art style. I use bright colors and simplistic compositions to attract the dream quality that a child poses. Life as a child is simple, carefree, and full of wonderment. This is how I feel as an artist; I draw in a simplistic way that is playful and whimsical. I want to create images that are clear and vivid for a child to be able to respond to. My painting style is bold and vibrant, similar to how a child finger-paints. A child finger-paints by aimlessly smacking down paint and moving it all around the paper. This is similar to what I do when first creating my paintings. I create a style of art that is visual appealing to children but also brings out the child in an adult viewer. I want to bring you back to the days where you would put your noise up against the glass and stare adoringly at some tasty treat that you want to eat as a kid.
To create these tasty paintings, I was inspired by abstract expressionistic paintings. I was attracted by the thick paint that would build on the canvas. Then the idea of using this thick paint to create a realistic texture began to develop. I use large amounts of oil paints to create the texture in my desserts. Then I use various objects to sculpt into the paint to create different textures. I use toothpicks, plastic forks, popsicle sticks, and anything I can find to help me mold the texture I desire. With masking the paint texture to mimic the realistic texture, I achieve a three-dimensional quality to my paintings. Underneath I use my bright pallet to enhance the playful, childlike quality in my style. I use unique composition by cropping the images. This draws you closer to my paintings and takes you inside. In these paintings my goal is to make the viewer smile and have a sense of happiness after seeing these joyful paintings.

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