Thursday, February 17, 2011

Inspiration: "My Kits"

I feel like a "crazy cat lady" saying this but, I love my cats their my little babies and they give me inspiration for my art. They're always around when I'm creating my art and they make me smile.
 Here's Oreo. He's the calmest, easiest going cat I know. This is how I found him early this morning. He was laying amongst my mom's stuff animals on her bed. He had tons of space but be decided to lay with all his friends
Her is Skittles she is mainly my cat. She is very skittish and only like certain people. She loves my boyfriend and myself but other than that not so much. One day she completely passed out in my room and I found her like this with her nose deep in the carpet.

Here they are together. They usually don't lay together because Oreo is the dominant one and always kicks skittles out. This day he decided to sleep on Skittles butt. She doesn't seem amused.

She's my little Princess

Yes when it's too sunny Oreo cover's his eyes to shut out the light

Skittles is a clever one, she can get up on the roof and spot mice that are down below. 
The only down fall is that when she wants to come in on a cold night 
she scratches at my window and anytime of night

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