Saturday, February 26, 2011

Life In Cupcakes

In the past year I have become obsessed with cupcakes. I just love the cuteness of the "cupcake"
So when ever I see anything cupcake related I CAN'T help myself. 
My boyfriend hasn't been so happy with my obsession since there are cupcakes all through out our room.
Cupcakes aren't exactly "manly"

Here is my mini collection of Cupcake Candles
I have two other Christmas Cupcake Candles that are already pack away
I buy these at Kohls & I hope they continue to make them for every holiday because I love them! 

Valentines Day Cupcake
It smells like vanilla <3

Winter Cupcake from My brother Jeremy

I went into joann fabrics to make baby blanket and saw this fabric and almost died,
I HAD to make one for myself
& it's really warm & soft

Felted Cupcake.
I absolutely love this. I want to get more but can't find any
Jeremy bought me this also from K-mart 
I haven't been able to find more but I would also love to learn how to make these

Cupcake Plate

Everyday I have cupcakes with me!
Cupcake scented hand sanitizers

Yes, even my CVS name tag must have a cupcake on it

GIANT cupcake cookie Jars
(currently hasn't held any cookies yet)

Even my Windows are decked out with Cupcakes

There Valentines inspired but i'm keeping them up all year long

Cupcake Lipgloss 

These are super cute and I will probably never use the lip gloss because I like them too much

Here is one opened The lip glosses are chocolate flavored

Cupcake earings

The pink ones are my favorite

Lovely cupcake notebook from one of my good friends Kim

Last but not least my cupcake apron that I haven't used yet because I don't want to get it messy

Thats my life in cupcakes! 
(scary I know)

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