Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cake Art: Kristine Mullikin

Looking through Facebook I came along these beautiful cakes,
They're created by my boyfriend's Cousin,
Kristine Mullikin
She makes her own handmade fondant and sculpts these creative fun cakes
She creates different themes to each cake and then decorates them accordingly
She is not an artist by profession but by looking at these amazing cakes she defiantly has the eye for it
Kristine makes funny, traditional, pretty, cute, and even scary cakes.
She has a vastly creative mind and it is revealed with in each of her cakes.
With her upcoming decorating classes her cakes are only going to get better from here

Scuba Cake 

 This is my favorite 
I love the texture and how it mimics waves
the shark is also a funny touch.

Yarn Cake

Very cute, The buttons are adorable and the balls of yarn are perfect

80's Cake

Here are multiple views of Kristine's Cake
I love the bright colors and all the different elements of the 80's

Flower Cupcakes

LOVE these, very intricate and delicate petals.
They really look like flowers
There bright and fun.

Space Cake

Super cool! how did she make the rocket ship shape cake? 
Great sculpting Kristine 

Scary Cake

Very gruesome and haunting
My favorite touch is the rats

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