Friday, March 25, 2011

Recent edits: Before & After

Here is my "before" photo of my red velvet cake
In photo the background looks better than it actually looked in person
It was a lot darker and didn't fit in with the rest of my color backgrounds

After printing a photo of my red velvet cake the background printed this shade of blue instead of the teal color background I had originally
Polly liked it so much that she suggested I change the color to the misprinted background color
I love the way it came out and it makes the red pop more

Close up frame of the red velvet cake

This is my orange sherbet before I edited it
The background is actually lilac color but photographing it washes out the background
I really didn't incorporate any texture into it so i decided to add some to go with my series

I added to the cone by enhancing the waffle pattern
I still want to add texture to the scopes 

Not much change to my blueberry pie background
I wanted to lighten up the background but after it dried it didn't change to much
If you watched my video from earlier in the week you would of seen me paint this background

Its a little less saturated but not by much I need to really get in there make a tint of this color and bring down the brightness so that the blue shows better
right now the green is over powering

Close frame of my berries

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