Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Reference Shots: Pig Pics

Starting a new reference Technique
My next digital piece is with a Pig in a bubble bath
It was hard trying to find good reference of pigs
Jerry Lofaro illustrator/ teacher told me his technique of painting animals
Jerry has a mass collection of different toys and figurines of animals, fish, dinosaurs, etc
He takes a toy sets it up how he wants and photographs it with the light that he wants
I have know tried this technique and am positive this will help the out come of my piece

This is the pig I used for my first reference shots
because of the texture and the simplistic body shape the photos were not working

These photos are just for fun
This is my piggy bank
It holds all my spare change and 
Why I love it so much is because it tells me exactly how much change i have in it
It's able to tell my the size of the coin how much it is and add it up
It's awesome!
and as you can see so far I have a decent amount of change and it's only half full

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  1. pig looks like lulul and i want one of those pig banks ya