Monday, March 21, 2011

Repainting backgrounds

This first video is me painting over the plate in my lemon pie painting
Earlier I showed how I mixed the paint to match the background now this video shows how I applied it
The only thing is by the end of this video I could still see the application of paint from my underpainting of the plate.
 So I have to let it dry and re-sand it with sand paper
and go over it again then re paint the plate

This Video is showing you how to paint over a background to change the color.
The lime green background was a little over powering, especially since blue is suppose to be the main color of the painting.
I mixed the same color but a tint lighter and in this video I am applying the paint
Also towards the end of the video I show how I fix some of my mistakes.
If i paint over something I didn't want to
I take a Q-tip and dip it in oil, then I rub the spot with the oiled Q-tip 
Next I use the dry end to pick up the pain.t
This works wonders and it helps if you make little mistakes like I do.

This is what my hands look like after I paint.
VERY messy 

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