Sunday, March 13, 2011

Start of My Purple Dessert Painting

I have laid down my sketch and painted around it.
I started off with one popsicle but it was to plain and there was so much space around it and it seemed like it was floating in space
I decided to have them scattered about in a playful manner like on a busy summer day
So far I like the lay out, its a little different than my others paintings but I think its a refreshing change 

This is my digital color sketch,
I think I want to do different shades of purple to mix it up a bit
I'm not sure how different I want the purples to be
As you can see the one on the middle left is a more pinkish-purple
I don't want to stray more than that from the original main purple popsicle
Let me know what you think
I will be starting to paint this tomorrow
I'm still not sure of the text yet but i'll let you know.

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