Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Made a Rainbow Cake!

Yes I finally made a rainbow cake!
There was some good and some bad
but all and all a pretty decent out come

First you have to separate the batter six cups
Then you add food coloring to make your rainbow colors

You have to make red the most and and purple the least because it goes last

Next you add the red first and then follow with the other colors
It looks like a rainbow bullseye

The aftermath of colored batter

Frosting rrrrrrr.....
Well I was following the fancy Martha Stewart recipe for Carmel Butter Cream Frosting
I got up to making the caramel and starting the frosting then I mixed to ingredients to soon
Then there was not going back I tried to fix it and made it worst.
Luckily my mom add a can of pre-made frosting and saved the day
Since i had homemade caramel I just mixed that into the frosting
The frosting was OK, Dave liked it but I thought the caramel was to bitter and over powering

Even with the unperfected frosting the cake still came out good
It looks really pretty and I can't wait to try it again

 In My cupcake apron!

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  1. You make a good one @ your house...But a shitty one @ my house....Wtf