Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Want to Make a Rainbow Cake

I tried to make this once with my best friend Carolynne but we use the "Big Cupcake" mold from as seen on TV
We put to much batter in it and it exploded haha.
I want to re-try it with a regular cake pan and see what happens
The photo above is separated cake batter in cups with food coloring added
After you do this you pore them in separately, into a cake pan
Then bake like a regular cake

This is what it looks like after you bake the batter

Heres the final product
These are not my photos I found them when I was searching for photos of rainbow cakes on Google
It looks pretty good! 
I defiantly want to do this!
I hope it tastes as good as it looks
This would make a great painting, for my final painting for the cover of my book i will be creating a 
"color wheel cake" its going to to rainbow slices of cake

Here is a digital thumbnail of what I want to create in oil paint for my cover of my book
I haven't finished the title on the page yet so thats why its cut off

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