Thursday, March 31, 2011

Largest Cupcake in the World

Largest Cupcake in the World!
made by the company "Gourmet Gift Baskets"
For my info about how they made it go to

I Need Help!

I need help!
I'm not sure if I should have the Piggy with suds on his head or not
Does it look cute? or just out of place?
Let me know what you think
I would love some input.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wayne Thiebaud Coming to Life

This is so cool! 
I found it at this blog
apparently this museum cafe is recreating paintings
I love it

Dirty Piggie

My piggie is pretty much done
I might do a couple more tweeks to the mud 
but overall it's finished and I love how it turned out

Monday, March 28, 2011

Little Cupcake: Intro page of "Sweet Tooth for Color"

I started developing and assembling the pages for my book.
For the cover page I decided to add this lovely little cupcake that will welcome you into my book.
Other then this cupcake I will just simply have the title and my name on it.
I wanted to keep it sweet and simple
get it? ; ) 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Recent edits: Before & After

Here is my "before" photo of my red velvet cake
In photo the background looks better than it actually looked in person
It was a lot darker and didn't fit in with the rest of my color backgrounds

After printing a photo of my red velvet cake the background printed this shade of blue instead of the teal color background I had originally
Polly liked it so much that she suggested I change the color to the misprinted background color
I love the way it came out and it makes the red pop more

Close up frame of the red velvet cake

This is my orange sherbet before I edited it
The background is actually lilac color but photographing it washes out the background
I really didn't incorporate any texture into it so i decided to add some to go with my series

I added to the cone by enhancing the waffle pattern
I still want to add texture to the scopes 

Not much change to my blueberry pie background
I wanted to lighten up the background but after it dried it didn't change to much
If you watched my video from earlier in the week you would of seen me paint this background

Its a little less saturated but not by much I need to really get in there make a tint of this color and bring down the brightness so that the blue shows better
right now the green is over powering

Close frame of my berries

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pops Pretty Much Done

My almost done Pops Painting
I'm sure when I go into Senior Studio tomorrow Polly will point out some things I need to improve on
but so far I really enjoyed the way it came out
The shadows really added to this piece as well
Purple is my least favorite color but in this painting I like it =]

Close up off the bite mark

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Purple Pops Page: Semi Final Version

This is my Semi Final version off my Purple Page 
Im sure I will make a couple more tweaks to it
so far I'm happy with the out come
It might be to cluttered in the text but I'm going to see what Polly says on Friday

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Little bit of Christmas in March

I just received this photo from my friend Kim. 
I work with her at CVS and we had secrete Santa and I picked her name.
I knew she had a love for cupcakes just like me so I decided to make her a cupcake ornament.
I used acrylic paint to create the cupcake
 I added tinsel that reflects multiple colors inside the bulb.
To top it off I used a ribbon to hang it from.
Kim loved the gift and I loved making it

I made a bunch of other ornaments that included moose, bears, snowman, cardinals, and cats on them each with a christmas theme and gave them to my family as presents
everyone loved them!

Piggie in a Tub

Here is my work in progress of my pig in a tub
I'm still working on it's smile and the eyes
I also want to make the pig look dirty 
 I need to add some mud to his head and ears
So far it's coming along nicely, I just need to keep tweaking it 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Repainting backgrounds

This first video is me painting over the plate in my lemon pie painting
Earlier I showed how I mixed the paint to match the background now this video shows how I applied it
The only thing is by the end of this video I could still see the application of paint from my underpainting of the plate.
 So I have to let it dry and re-sand it with sand paper
and go over it again then re paint the plate

This Video is showing you how to paint over a background to change the color.
The lime green background was a little over powering, especially since blue is suppose to be the main color of the painting.
I mixed the same color but a tint lighter and in this video I am applying the paint
Also towards the end of the video I show how I fix some of my mistakes.
If i paint over something I didn't want to
I take a Q-tip and dip it in oil, then I rub the spot with the oiled Q-tip 
Next I use the dry end to pick up the pain.t
This works wonders and it helps if you make little mistakes like I do.

This is what my hands look like after I paint.
VERY messy 

Mixing Paint

Here I am mixing paint to match my background color
I am redoing the plate in my lemon pie painting and making it smaller. 
It was taking up to much space before and was becoming more of a focal point and less of an additive.
It isn't easy mixing paint to match an exact color .You have to place all your colors out first and keep adjusting the hue with different colors in subdued manner.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cake Art: Kristine Mullikin

Looking through Facebook I came along these beautiful cakes,
They're created by my boyfriend's Cousin,
Kristine Mullikin
She makes her own handmade fondant and sculpts these creative fun cakes
She creates different themes to each cake and then decorates them accordingly
She is not an artist by profession but by looking at these amazing cakes she defiantly has the eye for it
Kristine makes funny, traditional, pretty, cute, and even scary cakes.
She has a vastly creative mind and it is revealed with in each of her cakes.
With her upcoming decorating classes her cakes are only going to get better from here

Scuba Cake 

 This is my favorite 
I love the texture and how it mimics waves
the shark is also a funny touch.

Yarn Cake

Very cute, The buttons are adorable and the balls of yarn are perfect

80's Cake

Here are multiple views of Kristine's Cake
I love the bright colors and all the different elements of the 80's

Flower Cupcakes

LOVE these, very intricate and delicate petals.
They really look like flowers
There bright and fun.

Space Cake

Super cool! how did she make the rocket ship shape cake? 
Great sculpting Kristine 

Scary Cake

Very gruesome and haunting
My favorite touch is the rats

Friday, March 18, 2011

Cupcake Art

These cupcakes are truly art
I found these photos at
By a girl named Naomi
I want to learn how to sculpt things in frosting and create adorable cupcakes like these

These remind me of carebears 

Valentines day

These are pretty original Lego Cupcakes

Day Dream

Red Owl

I love the cherries on top

These all have different personalities 

It's a Mario

This is my dream!

These are just TOO cute

(Thanks Naomi for letting me use your photo's if you want me to take them down just contact me)

Cook's Illustrated

I love painting food
One day it would be amazing if i was apart of this magazine
It incorporates cooking advice and recipes while accompany them food illustrations
When I am done my dessert book I want to try and paint different foods

I found all these images from searching Cook's Illustrated 
going to

View From My Studio

This is my view from my studio
It's a small window but I get a great view of the library and the park across the street
Today was the first day I opened my window since September
It was so beautiful out
I hope this amazing weather continues!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Reference Shots: Pig Pics

Starting a new reference Technique
My next digital piece is with a Pig in a bubble bath
It was hard trying to find good reference of pigs
Jerry Lofaro illustrator/ teacher told me his technique of painting animals
Jerry has a mass collection of different toys and figurines of animals, fish, dinosaurs, etc
He takes a toy sets it up how he wants and photographs it with the light that he wants
I have know tried this technique and am positive this will help the out come of my piece

This is the pig I used for my first reference shots
because of the texture and the simplistic body shape the photos were not working

These photos are just for fun
This is my piggy bank
It holds all my spare change and 
Why I love it so much is because it tells me exactly how much change i have in it
It's able to tell my the size of the coin how much it is and add it up
It's awesome!
and as you can see so far I have a decent amount of change and it's only half full